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Project Management Consultancy

According to the Project Management Institute’s definition, a project is ‘a temporary effort to create a unique product or service’.

In order to create and manage a project or program to a successful conclusion, there is a set of practices, techniques and principles that need be applied to control risk, budget, communications, procurement, time, human resources, integration, scope and quality.’

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LMTECH Limited has in-house experienced and certified program manages, project managers, integrators and project consultants able to carry out programs and projects from inception to closure, and who are also experienced in the setup of project management offices.


Program and Project Management Consultancy

Project management demands much more than the simple management of time, risks and tasks. Project management is about management and processes. It is about managing customers, users, third party suppliers, on and off-shore suppliers, off-shore consultants and people within and outside of the organization. It also is about employing the appropriate processes to achieve project goals.

LMTECH Limited consultants help companies manage processes. LMTECH Limited has in-house consultants able to introduce the tools, skills and methodologies that will help companies become more project-based.

frameworks with the knowledge and skills to actually build the proposed solutions.

LMTECH Limited is a medium-sized company: small enough to retain the overview of the available knowledge and skills and in a position to mobilize required knowledge for any given project. Yet we are large enough to continuously provide a wide range of skills and services to our customers. LMTECH Limited is a full service and infrastructure management supplier that realizes successful, complex and lasting organizational and IT projects. Our experienced international professionals provide these services in a responsible way and are supported by our unique vision and approach.

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