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LMTECH Limited is registered as a limited company in the UK and Nigeria, we work with and for the customer.

We are made up of project, technical, system, development and infrastructure project managers/personnel  with a full understanding of the different and complex compositions of ICT/IS project, infrastructure, design, implementation, transformation and management.

Offering high value IT services since its foundation. We have succeeded in earning a unique position within the ICT market.
At this moment, our company’s consultants are involved in various areas of IT including Knowledge Management, Content Management, Project Management, IT Consultancy, E-Commerce, Digitalization, Infrastructure and Transformation

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Why Choose Us?

We are the right team for your business.  LMTech Consultancy Limited has decades of experience implementing digital technology for major companies. 

We as a consultancy have worked for large multi-national corporations running complex varying levels. Our consultants have more than two decades experience in managing change, creating processes and policies related to all aspects of an infrastructure including security, stakeholders, customers, vendors, governance and systems.